Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale - Bespoke Aquaria & Dry Goods

All orders are bound by the following Terms & Conditions of Sale:


1/ Orders can be placed via our website, through our Facebook page or by email. We request that you provide us with your full contact details when ordering to facilitate a smooth transaction.

2/ We will confirm your order by electronic invoice. We urge you to check that the invoice is correct and that it reflects all elements of your specification. Any inaccuracies should be notified at earliest opportunity so they can be rectified, and an amended invoice can be issued. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the detail to the invoice.

3/ Full advance payment is required with order. Please note that construction WILL NOT BEGIN until payment is received, in the case of bespoke aquaria/ cabinetry. Therefore, production or lead times commence upon receipt of payment.

4/ Most large-scale aquarium builds are subject to a minimum deposit of 50% with the balance due prior to completion and before shipping / pick up / installation. The deposit is non-refundable should you choose to cancel your order. All balances are due and to be paid 7 days prior to collection, dispatch or installation.

5/ If you wish to cancel your order after the fourteen days statutory period had passed, it will be subject to a maximum refund of 50% of the order total. A refund will be made via the original payment method where possible.

6/ Payment of your invoice acts as a verification of the specification and triggers the commencement of your build in case of bespoke aquaria. Any further changes may attract additional and / abortive costs.

7/ Any aspect of payment by the customer is deemed acceptance of our full Terms and Conditions.

8/ Delivery cost is NOT included, unless otherwise stated. See below for available delivery options.

9/ All prices quoted are inclusive of 20% VAT unless otherwise stated.

10/ We accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards or BACS payments; we do not accept cheques. You may also choose to pay by PayPal Credit or Klarna - they are subject to their own Ts&Cs. 

11/ All written quotations are valid for 7 days, unless otherwise specified on the quotation.

12/ All our aquaria are manufactured from premium float glass and are braced as standard, unless otherwise stated or requested. We reserve the right to brace as we see fit, unless otherwise stated. Generally, our standard bracing is around the perimeter of the aquarium. Standard bracing may not take into consideration space for cables and or pipework. The customer must state explicitly if there are to be alterations made to this. Failure to notify us is acceptance of our general terms and conditions, and in doing so, acceptance of our standard bracing.

13/ Aquaria in 8mm glass or thicker are manufactured using machine flat-polished edges as standard, and aquariums built in 4mm – 6mm glass come with hand-finished edges as standard - the finish may therefore vary slightly. Braces and cover glasses are generally hand-finished on any size aquarium.

14/ On occasion, and particularly on larger tanks, we may use thinner glass for the bracing than the rest of the aquarium. This is for practical reasons and does not affect the strength of the aquarium nor the guarantee.

15/ All glass panels are cut to a tolerance of +/2mm. All our aquaria are manufactured to a minimum safety factor of 3. This ensures everybody’s safety. We WILL NOT build any aquarium to a lower safety factor.

16/ We offer the option of translucent or black silicone sealant. Please note that unless advised otherwise we will use translucent silicone as standard – check your invoice carefully. Other colours of silicone sealant are available by request and may attract an additional charge. Please enquire at the point of ordering.

17/ Essential pipework kit, which is provided on request, consist of straight pipe, bulkheads and connectors appropriate for the sump set up. Additional fittings, such as valves, can be provided and costed on request. 

18/ On large cabinets, especially ones with metal construction and limited anchoring points for hinges, central panels will be manufactured as a magnetic panel, for ease of sump and filter entry. 

19/ Any changes to specification following initial order need to be requested in writing and are subject to our explicit approval. Whilst we do our best to accommodate customer requests in terms of installation of pipework, it is not always possible in order to ensure safety and efficient flow and our installers will revert to the specification that is best suited to the project. If no preference is stated at the point of ordering for layout / specification / kit etc, we will manufacture / install / supply to the specification we consider best suited to the project. 

Any changes after 14 days (from the date of order) are subject to an administration fee and possible abortive / additional costs.  A revised invoice will be issued to reflect the changes. Any additional (including administrative and abortive) costs associated with changes to specification need to be settled prior to shipping / collection / installation.


Lead Times

20/ A lead time will be advised at the time of ordering. Any lead time quoted is approximate and intended as a guideline only. If not mentioned otherwise, the default lead time period of 8 working weeks (i.e. ones excluding holiday periods) applies to all bespoke aquaria and 9-10 weeks to all set ups/ racking builds.

21/ Payment of invoiced deposit triggers the start of ‘lead time’. We do not commence build before the specification is signed off and payment received. Delay in payment may result in lead time being extended if a manufacturing slot is taken up by another customer.

22/ We will advise should an over-run to the originally advised time is to be expected and will liaise re revised delivery date / any additional installation visits. Installation / commission times are estimates and may be longer or shorter, depending on complexity of project and any unforeseen or unexpected circumstances that may arise. 
Larger projects may require 'snagging' visits so that any issues may be identified and a plan put in place to rectify them - we will do our best to fit around customer availability. 

23/ We will not be held responsible for the loss of any stock, or customer’s waiting time, in the event that a lead time over-runs. We advise that customers do not order stock or empty an existing aquarium until the new aquarium has arrived safely.



24/ OA Aquaria Ltd acts as an introducer and not a lender of unregulated credit products provided by Klarna Bank AB.

25/ Klarna is only available to permanent UK residents aged 18+, subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

26/ Payments will be made directly to Klarna and must be repaid in line with the product terms. These products are not regulated credit agreements and Klarna is not subject to supervision by the Financial Conduct Authority when it offers these products.

27/ Before you can use a Pay Later product, Klarna will perform a soft credit check - this initial search will not affect your credit rating and the check is not visible to other lenders. For more information, head to klarna.com and navigate to their full Ts&Cs page to find out more.



28/ Delivery of dry goods (including small custom built aquaria) is either via Royal Mail, courier network or our own vehicles, depending on the item and the service selected. Delivery method and approximate lead time will be confirmed at the point of ordering.

29/ Prior to completion of your custom build aquaria, we will be in touch to confirm your delivery date and finalise any associated arrangements. We will make every effort to keep the agreed date – in exceptional circumstances that we are unable to keep to the agreed date, we will contact you as soon as we are able to in order to rearrange.

30/ Deliveries of custom-built aquaria are available via our own vehicles or pallet courier (choice at our discretion) and are subject to a delivery charge dependent on area. This will be advised at the time of ordering in the case of glass aquaria and finalised before completion.

31/ Deliveries of custom built aquaria are made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays between 8am and 7pm. Saturday deliveries are available at extra cost, this must be specified at the time of ordering.

32/ All deliveries/collections are accompanied by a delivery/collection note - it must be signed and point of delivery/collection. Customers may not amend the note.

33/ All re-deliveries are subject to a re-delivery charge. That applies to any items that we were unable to deliver during the original delivery slot and items you wish to have altered/amended/repaired. 

34/ All deliveries are KERBSIDE ONLY unless otherwise agreed. Drivers are NOT INSURED to assist with unloading; it is the CUSTOMER’S responsibility to ensure sufficient manpower is available to offload items. If sufficient manpower has not been arranged at the time of delivery, we reserve the right to return the item(s) to our premises. If a re-delivery is required, this will incur a further charge.

35/ You must inspect all items at the time they are delivered before you accept your shipment. You must make certain that everything that you ordered is within the package/s delivered. We expect all products purchased by you and shipped by OA Aquaria to arrive in excellent condition, however, it is your responsibility to check all items carefully.

If any item arrives damaged, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify us at the point of delivery (in case of aquaria, these must not be filled). This must be done via email with clear photographs of the damage, and any details noted on the delivery note provided / notified to the driver, in cases of delivery via our own vehicles. We will not be held responsible for any damages or shortages not notified at the point of delivery.

36/ If you wish to book an assisted delivery (driver plus additional staff member/s), please contact us for a quote. Please note we operate a safe lifting policy. For 'install and commission' set ups, the time needed for the team to install will be advised prior to delivery - please note it is an estimate only and it may take longer or shorter to complete. Only standard pipework will be installed - any additions/alterations made by customer are entirely at their own risk. 

37/ If a pallet courier is unable to deliver due to nobody being present at the delivery address, a non-delivery charge will apply as well as a re-delivery charge on a future date.

38/ We request that you notify us of all potential issues that may hamper the delivery and siting of your aquarium prior to arranging delivery and ideally at the point of ordering. This will assist us with helping you determine the best method of delivery.

 These include (not exhaustive list):

  • Location other than ground level (flats, apartments etc)
  • Difficult / narrow access / driveway
  • Gates / fences hampering access
  • Parking restrictions
  • Steps / staircases to navigate
  • Narrow doorways etc.

Nb. if a cabinet / aquarium needs to be up-ended in order to be delivered (due to access issues), that is entirely at customer's risk. 


In-Store Collections

39/ Customers are welcome to collect their goods (including custom made aquaria) during our opening hours, but please be aware that we are only able to provide limited assistance when loading into/onto customers’ vehicles.

40/ All goods, including aquaria, cabinets, hoods etc must be inspected thoroughly before they leave the premises. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all goods are undamaged / unmarked prior to pick up.

41/ We are happy to assist with packaging / palletising of your aquarium prior to pick up and charge a nominal cost to cover packing materials; please get in touch to arrange this.

42/ We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred whilst loading or during transport after loading. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure aquariums are loaded sufficiently and safely for the journey. All items must be loaded flat and not transported slanted. 

43/ Customers are welcome to arrange their own courier collection from our store but this is entirely at the customer’s risk. Please see above note regarding packaging / palletising costs. Couriers must collect during our opening hours.

44/ We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the actions of any courier. Due to the fragile nature of our products, whilst we make every effort to ensure aquaria and cabinetry are packaged for transport, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of packaging. We offer no guarantee that our packaging will prevent damage to the item(s).

45/ If aquaria are not collected within fourteen days of expected collection date, or there is a delay in customer’s ability to accept delivery, we will charge storage fees.


Bespoke Built Aquaria and Cabinetry Warranty

46/  Steel framed cabinets and hoods are covered by a two-year warranty. Standard (non-metal framed) cabinets are covered by a twelve months warranty. Panels are covered by 12 months warranty. 

Clearance items (aquaria, sumps, cabinets etc) or manufacturing seconds are provided on a 'sold as seen' basis and any potential warranty claims are dealt with on a discretionary basis by management.

The above are subject to terms below. 

47/ Braced custom built aquaria are covered against leaks by a 3-year warranty and rimless / braceless aquariums are covered against leaks by a 2-year warranty; aquaria with custom (non-standard bracing) are covered by a 12 month warranty, subject to the following terms:

    • Warranties are made null and void if any aquarium has not been positioned on a fully supported flat level surface, with a layer of polystyrene at least 10mm thick between the aquarium base and ALL of the surface, including all edges, corners and any other pressure points. We recommend that for braceless, very large aquaria or ones with a wide base, a double thickness (18/25mm) polystyrene is used. Please contact us for advice if unsure. 
    • Any cabinet, stand, racking or similar not constructed by and purchased from us must be suitable for purpose, be of solid construction and offer support to the whole base and particular to stress points (edges and corner points). It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that this is the case – any damage resulting from the use of a stand not constructed by us is not covered by the warranty.
    • Floor underneath any cabinetry/stands must be completely flat and level and must be able to withstand the weight of the filled aquarium. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that this is the case – any resulting damage is not covered by the warranty.
    • Glass covers must be closed. 
    • Aquariums are only used for their intended purpose, i.e. the holding of ornamental aquatic life and reptiles in the case of vivaria / terraria. Any other use is excluded from any warranty.
    • All glass used is manufactured to GGF/British Standard Guidelines. We are not responsible for any imperfections of materials including bubbles, minor scratches and stress marks that are caused by the manufacturing process of said materials that may appear before and after aquarium is operational. Low-iron (optiwhite) glass is slightly more susceptible to imperfections.
    • Any structural alterations made to any aquarium, sump or cabinetry by anyone other than ourselves will invalidate any warranty. This includes but is not exclusive to the drilling of holes, altering braces, removing or adding baffles, making changes to weirs or fitted pipework etc.
    • Aquaria must be left for a minimum of 24 hours after pipework is connected to set and settle. Filling earlier compromises your warranty. 
    • On the very rare occasions that your aquarium is delivered with a 'do not fill before' date, this must be adhered to and not doing so will not only damage your aquarium but also invalidate your warranty. 
    • Cabinets leave our workshop with doors and panels aligned - they can 'shift' in transit and are easy to adjust. Customers must take extra care when removing doors / panels for insertion/cleaning of sumps / filtration etc. Customers are responsible for the adjustment, if necessary, of doors, panels and openers. Any damage sustained as a result of removing of doors/panels is excluded from warranty. 
    • Damage by water or condensation is excluded from warranty. 
    • Wear and tear on cabinetry and hardware is excluded from warranty.
    • Only cleaning products specifically designed for the maintenance and cleaning of glass aquaria and panelled cabinetry are used – the use of any other products will invalidate the warranty. 
    • Blades or other sharp objects must not be used to clean aquaria - their use can lead to damage of silicone seals 

48/ Damage due to wear and tear, intentional or accidental damage, damage by water or condensation, neglect, earthquakes, flooding and other force majeure events is excluded from warranty.

49/ Glass aquarium sliding covers, pipework and plumbing are not covered by any warranty.

50/ The breakage of glass panels, be it intentional or accidental, is not covered by the warranty.

51/  Any builds covered by the warranty will be repaired or replaced. No monetary equivalent will be offered. Your home insurance policy will cover for losses and damage, if applicable. 

52/ Any items you wish to apply our warranty to will be inspected, and any repairs/replacements will be agreed to at our discretion. If, for pragmatic or efficiency reasons, an inspection is not possible immediately in situ, the items will be collected for inspection. That may be at the same time or prior to a replacement delivery. If it is found that the terms of the warranty do not apply, a full charge will be made for any replacements. 

53/ Unless an original set up was purchased with a 'install and commission' option, any reconnection of pipework at collection/switchover will be done at the discretion of the team, if time allows, and only at specific request of the customer. For set ups we installed and commissioned, unless specifically requested, pipework will be reconnected. All reasonable endeavours will be made to utilise existing pipework to minimise waste but non-standard pipework or any pipework added/altered by the customer may not be installed.  

54/ On-site builds should not be moved without first seeking advice from us, any damage resulting from doing so is not covered by the warranty. 

55/ For aquaria delivered / installed with a 'set up and commission' option requiring follow up visits or re-plumbing following move/repair etc, a site visit charge will be levied. 

56/ Please note that warranty is not transferrable


Returns / Exchanges

57/ All items are sold as NEW condition, unless specifically stated.

58/ All electrical items are sold in sealed boxes and carry a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, unless stated otherwise (some manufacturers offer a longer period)

59/ The warranty is held with the manufacturer and not us, meaning should the item become faulty it is up to the manufacturer to rectify this.

60/ If you find your goods develop a fault within 30 days of purchase, you have a legal right to a refund.

61/ Unwanted goods purchased in store are accepted in exceptional circumstances, at manager’s discretion, in original condition and for store credit only.

62/ Point 60 does not apply to bespoke / custom made items.  

63/ Goods purchased online are covered by a set of statutory rights, as set out in Regulations. You have the right to cancel up to 14 days from the day you receive your goods (a ‘cooling-off period’). You must notify us of your wish to cancel your order in writing (via email). You must return the goods within 14 days from the date of notification.

64/ Perishable items, bespoke items (e.g. bespoke made aquaria, cabinets, hoods etc), items with a broken seal and items that have been mixed inseparably with other items after delivery are not covered by the above right to cancel. Please contact us if in doubt prior to returning your goods as we will not be able to provide you with a credit note for goods that are not covered. We will also charge you a redelivery fee should you wish the items returned back to you.

64/ Once we receive your unwanted goods, we will credit your online account within fourteen days with a credit note amounting to the original price you paid for the goods.

66/ You must cover the delivery cost for returning of unwanted goods and obtain proof of postage.

67/ If you return the whole of your online order, we will refund the cost of standard postage / delivery costs (not expedited / special delivery costs).


We reserve the right to amend the above terms and condition without notice.